Maureen Valentine of Baltimore took home $442.42 of groceries free after her 90-second Pepsi Baltimore Market IGA Supermarket Sweep. She also won $442.42 worth of groceries for the Baltimore Food Pantry. Baltimore Market IGA owner Clarence Cardwell pledged to donate an equal amount of groceries to the food pantry. “Helping out the food pantry is part of being IGA Hometown Proud,” he explained. The fifth grade girls volleyball coach first sprinted to the meat section, nearly cleaning it out before moving to liquid laundry detergents and finally to ice cream. Pepsi topped off her carts with six 12-packs. She said she will be able to fill her freezer with meat. “I’m glad to help the food pantry,” she added. “That makes it all worthwhile.” Valentine’s name was drawn from hundreds of local entries for the store’s second supermarket sweep with Pepsi. Top photo from left to right, Baltimore Food Pantry Director Ruth Crutcher, Baltimore Market IGA owner Clarence Cardwell and Valentine. Below, Valentine pushes her loaded cart to the checkout. Beacon photos by Charles Prince. 19p1.jpg