Arthur Willhite of Columbus’ Living Faith Fellowship gave away hundreds of bread loaves in downtown Hebron Nov. 19. “He spreads food all around Central Ohio. Just like we’re doing here,” said Dave Daubenmire, host of the Pass the Salt Ministries radio show. Daubenmire was there to support Willhite, whose church has given away $45 million in food worldwide since it was founded in 1994. Willhite said if someone were to line all the loaves he’s given away end-to-end, “It would stretch from the east coast to the west coast and halfway back.” Willhite, who was used to being financially secure, had a turn of events and experienced such poverty at one point in his life that he was forced to rummage through dumpsters for food. He found a dumpster that was full of relatively fresh bread that was perfectly edible even though it wasn’t sold by the store’s freshness deadline or it was mislabeled. He thought throwing away the bread was a tremendous waste and he worked with many bakeries and grocery stores to donate older or mislabeled bread to him so he could distribute it to those in need. Beacon photo by Scott Rawdon. 018p1.jpg