Watkins Memorial Kristen Bartholomew; Miss Logan Anna Keyes; and Miss Lakewood Kara Glaser. Second row, left to right: Miss Berne Union Amy Lower; Miss Millersport Ariel Frizzell; Miss Fairfield Union Olivia Fisher; and Miss Licking Valley Brianna Humphries. Third row, left to right: Miss Bloom Carroll Mariah Black; Miss Sheridan Erica Ardey; Miss New Lexington Ciara Shutts; and Miss Heath Chelsea May. Not pictured are Miss Amanda Clearcreek Amanda McKenzie; Miss Fisher Catholic Madellyn Kennedy; Miss Liberty Union Clara Springer; and Miss Licking Heights Samantha MacDonald. Centerburg High School and Northridge High School had not selected their representatives at the time this photo was taken. Courtesy photo. 026p1_xlg.jpg