Licking Township Trustees unanimously agreed Monday night to remove railroad ties placed in the roadway on Somerset Road along Robert Snedden Sr.'s property. Snedden has contended for years that the township road has extended too far onto his property. He had previously placed railroad ties and rocks along the edge of the roadway, but the railroad ties recently appeared in the roadway. Last year, Licking County Commissioners asked County Engineer Tim Lollo to determine the true center line of the road as the first step to resolving Snedden's claim. That determination hasn't been done. Trustees acted after receiving a written complainant from a Dogwood Lakes resident who said he recently struck one of the railroad ties at night. After noting the start of school Wednesday, trustees decided to remove the road hazards. They were removed without incident Tuesday morning with sheriff's deputies standing by. However, stumps had replaced the ties by Tuesday afternoon. Their removal was pending at press time. Courtesy photo. 025p1_xlg.jpg