2017-06-03 / News

June 5 -10 meetings to help guide lake’s future

BUCKEYE LAKE – Residents, property owners and business owners will have an unprecedented opportunity to guide the future of the Buckeye Lake Region June 5 - 9.

Three of the country’s most respected and capable urban/ community/ retail planning firms will “hold the pencil” while local stakeholders share with them their vision.

The firms are:

• DPZ of Miami, Florida with offices in Portland, Oregon, Washington, D.C. and Berlin, Germany. DPZ has developed “The Charrette” to organize the planning process. In a one- to two-week work session, the charrette assembles the public and key decision-makers to collaborate with the DPZ team in information sharing, iterative design proposals, feedback and revisions, organizing a complex project quickly. Professionals and stakeholders identify options that are rapidly prototyped and judged, enabling informed decisions and saving months of sequential coordination.

The shared experience helps vest interest in the design and build support for the vision.

• MKSK of Columbus is an award winning planning, urban design, landscape architecture and entertainment design firm.

• Gibbs Planning Group of Birmingham, Michigan. Gibbs will be completing a Retail Market Analysis.

This charrette is being organized by Buckeye Lake 2030 with the cost borne by grants and contributions from local residents and businesses.

The charrette will focus on:

• Downtown Millersport and along the canal;

• Fairfield Beach with an emphasis on public recreation;

• Thorn Township; and

• SR. 79 corridor in Buckeye Lake Village, from I-70 to the Yacht Club’s Eastport boat yard.

Representation and input from all corners of the Lake Region is critical to the success – your success – of this intense planning session. To that end please come see the work being produced by these world-renown planners and share your vision of the Buckeye Lake Region.

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