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Great fishing opportunities

COLUMBUS _ As the spring days grow warmer, more and more Ohioans will be going fishing. Ohio offers many fantastic opportunities for the public to fish, including 124,000 acres of inland water, 7,000 miles of streams, 2.25 million acres of Lake Erie water, and 481 miles of the Ohio River. Here are a few areas in central Ohio anglers may want to check out.

• Black Bass: Rush Creek Lake (Fairfield and Perry Counties) - This reservoir is one of the best in central Ohio when it comes to numbers and sizes of largemouth bass. Recent surveys have shown the numbers of bass over 15 inches on the rise. This is also one of the only lakes in the area to produce bass over 7 lbs. Steeper shorelines along the south shoreline and near the dam are great places to catch bass year-round. Shallower areas on the east and west ends of the lake are filled with submerged logs and tree stumps that bass will use during the spring spawning season. Rush Creek has one recently upgraded boat ramp and parking lot (10 hp limit lake). There are extensive areas of submerged trees that can be hazardous to boaters, so be sure to proceed cautiously if it’s your first time there.

• Crappie: Delaware Lake (Delaware County) - Delaware Lake ranks in the top 5 statewide for numbers of crappie over 10 inches. Delaware has numerous large coves with fallen trees and other cover that will hold large numbers of black and white crappies during the spring months. Summer and fall crappies will move to deeper habitats often associated with the original creek channel. There is extensive access to the shoreline. There are three boat ramps, including the State Park marina on the west shore in the middle of the lake. Delaware Lake is an unlimited horsepower lake that can experience substantial water level fluctuations after rain events. Check the Army Corps of Engineers website for current lake levels before your fishing trip.

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