2014-07-26 / Editorials & Letters

Golf cart owners were mislead


First, Buckeye Lake Village Council tries to take away our freedom of speech. Now they are misleading residents.

Last November (2013), I went to the Buckeye Lake Police Department to inquire about the rules for golf carts. I wanted a golf cart that I could ride on Ohio 79 and other roads in the village. I was told that I could if the golf cart is “street ready.”

So I purchased a “street ready” golf cart and passed the police department’s inspection. I paid their $25 fee, paid the fee for a title, purchased license tags and purchased insurance. I was told that I was completely legal.

Now our good ole boys council is saying we can not use our “street ready,” inspected, licensed and insured golf carts on Ohio 79. It’s hard to go anywhere in our village without going on 79.

I agree with Buddy Alford’s comment that “this is not right.” I know other residents agree. Please join us at 7 p.m. on Monday, July 28, at Village Hall for the next council meeting.

If they are making new rules to restrict our use of golf carts then the village should reimburse us for the fees we paid. I would not have paid all the money to make it legal if I had thought the village would make new rules that pretty much outlaws the use of a golf cart in Buckeye Lake Village.

Brenda Hileman
Buckeye Lake

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