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‘What has happened to Baltimore’


In case you happen to have not read some or any of my “Letters To The Editor,” I have become very distressed about what has happened to the village that has been my home since 1960. I have seen many changes over those years, but no changes that have been made, in my opinion, are as devastating as the changes that have transpired since the beginning of the “changes” to the village administration.

Under the leadership of our mayor and village council, we have seen the demise of the Board of Public Affairs and the change to first a part-time village administrator and in recent years a full-time village administrator. I believe that the cost to village taxpayers for the services of the Board of Public Affairs was somewhere in the neighborhood of $15,000 to $30,000 per year. The full time position of Village Administrator has cost taxpayers $669,040.03 for Administrator Marsha Hall ( 2004 thru 2011) and $ 75,906.22 for Administrator Scott Brown in 2012, but I have no salary /benefits information past that point.

When I was growing up, we had a mayor and council who actually “ran” the Village. One person was both the Street Superintendant and Police Chief. Now we have two persons holding those positions. I can never remember the village having a Village Engineer, but now we have one.

I would almost guarantee that this village council, beginning at the time of the “full time” Village Administrator, has passed more village ordinances than the total number passed prior to the governmental change. One would think that the changes are the result of an increase in population, but in this case, that does not appear to be a factor. In fact, those ordinances “may” be slowing any possible growth. Astronomical water/sewer bills do not help either

I would suggest the we make some changes at the city limits.....Under the “Baltimore” and “Mayor Robert M. Kalish” signs...post this one.....”Where We Get All The Money We Can, From Everyone We Can”.

Charles R. Lamb

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