2014-05-10 / News

State-wide voters approve 69% of school issues

COLUMBUS — Voters across Ohio approved 102 of 148 school tax issues during the May 6 primary election.

“It is still an uphill battle to secure voter approval for new or additional money requests,” said Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) Director of Legislative Services Damon Asbury. “But districts are most likely to be supported when asking for existing levies to be renewed or replaced.”

Sixty-nine percent of school tax issues were approved by voters on Tuesday, a rate fairly consistent with previous years. Ohio voters approved 82 of 137 school tax issues in May 2013, a passage rate of 60%.

Twenty-seven of 65 new school tax issues were approved on Tuesday, a passage rate of a little over 40%. Voters approved 75 of 83 renewal school tax issues on the ballot, a 90% passage rate.

“School districts continue to struggle with getting voters to approve new money,” said OSBA Executive Director Richard Lewis. “But the high success rate on renewal levies signals a vote of confidence from communities and attests to the great job Ohio public schools are doing under challenging economic conditions.”

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