2014-04-12 / News

Electric aggregation info meeting set

MILLERSPORT – Walnut Township Trustees will host a representative of Palmer Energy at their regular meeting on Tuesday, April 15, to discuss and answer questions about the May 6 ballot issue regarding energy aggregation for the township.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. and all township residents are invited to attend the meeting at the township garage/office at 11420 Millersport Road, just south of Millersport.

Trustees, along with Villages of Millersport and Thurston, have placed this issue on the May 6 ballot to give residents an opportunity to reduce their electric bills. If voters approve the aggregation proposal, residents and small business owners who are AEP customers are expected to save an estimated 20 percent on the energy cost portion of their electric bill. Energy costs typically represent about half of your monthly electric bill. Customers will also have the opportunity to “opt-out” of the program at no cost if they do not want to participate.

State law limits this program to just AEP customers in this part of Ohio. Customers of co-ops like South Central Power are not eligible. However, all residents of Walnut Township will vote on this issue May 6th.

According to Ohio law, local communities are allowed to bring their citizens together to buy electricity as a group and negotiate the terms, conditions and price of electric supply on the group’s behalf. This type of group buying power is an effective way to obtain a lower electricity rate for all the group members. Residents in Berne, Richland and Rushville will also be voting on this same program. The Fairfield County Commissioners will be serving as the program administrator in accordance with Ohio Revised Code. Palmer Energy, a partner with the County Commissioners Association of Ohio, is acting as the program provider.

Walnut Township Trustees believe the passage of this issue is a “Win-Win” opportunity for citizens and small business owners. If passed, it gives eligible participants the opportunity to save money but also the right not to participate if one chooses. Trustees welcome your participation in this informational meeting.

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