2014-04-12 / Editorials & Letters

Writer questions need for making school tax permanent


It is noted that the Liberty Union School District has an issue in the upcoming election.

They are asking voters to extend a tax issue. This issue was passed by the voters two different times as a “temporary” issue. This time, they wish to make the tax “PERMANENT”.

Why is there a need to convert the issue from a five year span, to a tax that goes on for infinity. Are they afraid that at some time in the future the renewal might fail ? They apparently are not willing to take a chance that as this economy worsens, tax payers could say “No.” No pay raises. No benefit increases.....that cannot be allowed to happen, so they propose a “PERMANENT” Tax.

Governmental entities seem to have the opinion that they “always” need and deserve more money. Voters are expected to “do with less,” so that “they” can do with more. They say that it will not increase your taxes, but what happens when you home is reappraised ? Any increase in value results in additional taxes.

I would guess that all the school board had to do was to look down the road and see that the Village Of Baltimore seems to have the monies to create a bigger governmental payroll, and now the school board wants to “lock in” tax income that should “never go away”.

I also wish to note that in a prior letter, I stated that I was “happy” that Mayor Kalish was a driving force behind the Baltimore Job Fair, but I also have some other thoughts. We all know that employed persons pay more taxes than unemployed or underemployed persons. I think that the Job Fair is the result of the Mayor and the “gang of spenders” in this administration needing more incoming tax dollars so they can continue their spending spree. What better way to increase tax income than to find someone a job or a better job. I sincerely doubt that “compassion” had anything to do with the Job Fair.

Charles R. Lamb

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