2014-02-01 / Editorials & Letters

Hileman deserved council appointment


It’s disappointing that Buckeye Lake Council failed to appoint Brenda Hileman to the vacant council seat. I’m a neighbor of Brenda’s and know her well. I had a front row seat to the effort she invested in running for mayor. She only missed winning the mayor’s seat by 13 votes! I’m confident she would have won if the Board of Elections wouldn’t have moved our polling place outside of our village.

The close results of the election show that the village was divided on which candidate should be our next mayor. Therefore, wouldn’t it make sense to appoint her to village council out of respect for the voters. It seems like a total lack of respect not only to Brenda but to 173 voters. I assume the candidate who was appointed to council was well qualified. However, she didn’t invest the time and effort or the money for yard signs that Brenda did. She filled out an application and that was it.

In my mind, this process says a lot of about the current council. They should be looking for diversity of opinions and also for experience. Brenda already has two terms under her belt. I hope they will consider Brenda for a future position on council because she certainly has a lot of support among the residents.

Thanks Brenda, for your efforts and also for leading the effort to convince PNC to stay in the village.

Jamie Barron
Buckeye Lake

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