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Thornville to talk with county

By Scott Rawdon

THORNVILLE – Village officials are preparing to discuss water and sewer rates with the Perry County Commissioners this month.

“We were approached by the county at the end of last year regarding water and sewer contracts that are currently in force with the village,” said Thornville Mayor Gavin Renner. “The commissioners want to meet with us to discuss their concerns. As we have not met, I don’t fully know what the commissioners have concerns about or what they are asking from the village to address their concerns.” Renner said commissioners have expressed concern with the five percent per year increase that applies to the sewer contract.

When the contract was signed in 2007, Perry County paid $50,000 that year for Thornville’s sewer service. When the contract ends in 2021, Perry County will be paying Thornville $98,996 a year. There is a provision in the contract that it can be reviewed every two years.

Commissioners have also mentioned they’d like to discuss the water contract.

“I don’t anticipate that any decisions can be made at this meeting as that likely would take an action from our village council and our solicitor to approve,” said Renner. “I am mindful that this discussion impacts the customers of the Thornville Water (plant), which is operated by the village.” He said this discussion also impacts Northern Perry County Water District water and sewer service customers. “My plan at this time is to learn more about what the commissioners want and understand the impact to residents of the village and cost to our system,” he said.

Renner said, “I have expressed to the commissioners that we feel the village currently provides services to the county at very reasonable cost, far less than the county could source from other providers or replace with its own infrastructure.” Renner said this partnership provides benefit to county residents by providing safe and clean drinking water. “Sharing our sewer capacity helps reduce pollution in Buckeye Lake making the area more attractive for recreation and provides a safer place to live,” he said.

In other Thornville news:

• During the Thornville Village Council organizational meeting Jan. 6, former council member Lynne Snider was appointed to council by motion. “She expressed her desire to continue with Council at our Dec. 30 special meeting,” said Renner.

Council member Brandt Hawkins was elected council president for 2014.

Renner said there is one empty council seat, which is a paid position. A notice has been posted for village residents. “So far, we have not had any interest,” he said.

Two vacancies remain on the planning and zoning board, which are unpaid positions. “We have struggled to fill these positions in 2013,” said Renner. A notice of these vacancies will be posted.

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