2014-01-04 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Dec. 16: A Lancaster woman told police her son was injured while at his father’s place in Buckeye Lake. She wanted the incident documented.

• Dec. 17: A W. 2nd Street woman reported she was a victim of identity theft.

• Dec. 19: An East Street woman said an intoxicated man was knocking on her door. Police located the man, who was a neighbor and sober. He was looking for someone to help him jumpstart his vehicle.

• Dec. 19: A Buckeye Lake landlord thought she saw marijuana on a tenant’s table. It was found to be tobacco and the tenant was rolling her own cigarettes.

• Dec. 19: A Lynnwood man reported seeing snowy footprints outside his back door.

• Dec. 20: Police were called to the FOTS car lot to help settle an argument.

• Dec. 21: A Leroy Street man reported telephone harassment.

• Dec. 22: Police were called about loud music at a bar. The bar manager agreed to turn off outside speakers.

• Dec. 22: A driver was cited for traveling 46 in a 35 miles per hour zone and for driving under suspension.

• Dec. 22: A driver was cited for running a stop sign.

• Dec. 22: A Lynnwood Circle resident said someone stole four rings from his home.

• Dec. 23: A driver was cited for driving under suspension and no license plate light.

• Dec. 23: Officer discovered that a Walnut Road man, who was a passenger in a vehicle receiving a citation, had a warrant for his arrest.

• Dec. 26: A Lynnwood Circle woman said her estranged husband tried to remove items from her home. When she tried to stop him, they both fell down a flight of stairs. She wanted the husband to leave. The officer advised her on how to receive a protection order.

• Dec. 27: A Hebron Road woman said her son stole her camera and sold it. The camera was returned, but the woman wanted to press theft charges.

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