2013-12-21 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Dec. 2: Police received a report of possible animal abuse. The owners of the dog in question were contacted. An owner said her son had difficulty catching the dog when it was loose, but the dog appeared to be in good health and happy, was licensed, and not afraid of the son. The officer informed the owners the Licking County Humane Society was notified and may be contacting them as well.

• Dec. 2: Police were called about an injured deer. Police found the deer but it fled into a wooded area and couldn’t be located. • Dec. 7: Police were called to Licking Memorial Hospital to talk to a Walnut Road woman who was claiming her husband assaulted her. The woman’s husband and adult son both refuted the claim.

• Dec. 8: A Walnut Road woman said her ex-husband, who lives in Newark, refused to return her son to her.

• Dec. 8: Police assisted an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper with an accident on Cristland Hill Road.

• Dec. 9: A Walnut Road man said someone stole his medication from his pants pocket at his residence. When asked how the thief managed this, the man said he didn’t know.

• Dec. 9: A driver was cited for traveling 48 in a 35 miles per hour zone and for expired tags.

• Dec. 10: Police were called to a domestic dispute at a Lynnwood Circle residence. A woman there said her estranged husband tried to force his way into her home and there was a scuffle, according to the report. The man said his estranged wife was placing “naughty” pictures on Facebook and he denied hitting the woman. He said she was pushing him. The officer asked the man to leave until the couple felt they could get along with one another.

• Dec. 11: A Walnut Road woman said she suspected a home health aide stole $1,100 from her. The aide admitted to stealing $800, but wanted to arrange repayment. The woman said she did not want to file charges against the aide, but the aide would be fired.

• Dec. 12: Police checked out a 9-1-1 hang-up call from a Walnut Road apartment. When police arrived, they found that the resident and his brother had been in a wrestling match and the resident wanted his brother to leave. The brother left, and neither wanted to file charges.

• Dec. 13: A Buckeye Lake Village employee reported someone broke into the village impound lot and rummaged through the vehicles, but nothing appeared to have been taken. A suspect’s snow footprints in the snow were tracked and an investigation is pending.

• Dec. 15: Police checked out a report of a 911 hang-up call on W. 5th Street. There was no emergency.

• Dec. 15: Police were called about a bar patron causing a disturbance. The patron left before the officer arrived.


• Dec. 1: A Lakewood Drive apartment resident complained about her neighbor and his stepson making noise and waking up her newborn. Police checked with the apartment manager and found that the step-son isn’t a resident. He will have to leave after the holidays.

• Dec. 1: A neighbor reported that someone climbed in a rear window of a vacant home on Forest Ridge Drive. Police found that the man in the house was doing plumbing repairs.

• Dec. 1: A mother called police about a fake profile on Facebook that was a using a cropped image of her juvenile daughter. Police suggested that she change the privacy settings on her daughter’s page.

• Dec. 1: A North Maple Drive woman told police that her stepfather had left the residence, driving without a license and possibly under the influence of alcohol. Police located the driver and determined that he was not intoxicated. He was cited for driving under suspension.

• Dec. 2: A 4th Street resident reported the theft of some loose change, some paperwork and a garage door opener from her unlocked truck overnight.

• Dec. 2: A driver was cited for going 65 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at U.S. 40.

• Dec. 3: A Lakewood Drive apartment resident said his neighbor’s 6-year-old son broke one of his windows with a stick. The neighbor confirmed that his son was responsible.

• Dec. 4: A driver was cited for traveling 69 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at U.S. 40.

• Dec. 5: Police were asked to check on the wellbeing of a medic crew at 2:09 a.m. after the crew didn’t respond to radio checkup calls. The crew was fine.

• Dec. 5: Police were called to a domestic dispute on Hebron Road. The complainant’s 14-year- old daughter was involved in a verbal dispute with her 16-yearold boyfriend. The complaint separated them for the evening.

• Dec. 6: A Lakewood Drive apartment resident said his girlfriend had assaulted him. Police found evidence that she was the primary aggressor. She was charged with domestic violence and disorderly conduct. She was taken to jail.

• Dec. 6: A North Maple Avenue resident told police that a check had been stolen from him and cashed. Police are investigating.

• Dec. 6: A Kroger store employee called police about a woman trying to purchase a money order. The employee thought the woman was being scammed. The woman told police that she received a call that her son was in the Dominican Republic and needed money quickly. She was advised that this was a common scam and to call police if she received another call asking for money.

• Dec. 6: A Canal Road apartment resident said she got into an argument with her ex-boyfriend. She said he threatened to harm her and then left the area on foot. Police checked the area for him but didn’t find him.

• Dec. 6: An unknown complainant told police that a group of men were going door-to-door on Lake Forest Drive, seeking money to start a business. Police checked the area, but didn’t find them. Another complainant called police with additional information and police found them in the described white van. Six Kirby vacuum salesmen were in the van. They were advised that a permit is required to solicit in Hebron.

• Dec. 7: Police took a report after a vehicle left the Kroger Fuel Center without paying for $43.60 in fuel.

• Dec. 7: A Basin Street woman said she got a strange call from a female who wanted to park her camper and stay on her lot overnight. The complainant said the call told her that the police wre looking for her and her two kids. She told the woman she could not stay on the lot. Police checked LEADS and Amber alerts but found nothing.

• Dec. 8: A driver was cited for driving under suspension, failure to reinstate and expired tags.

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