2013-11-23 / Editorials & Letters

Where are the candidates for change?


Where was the alternative?

For years I have read letters from fellow Baltimore residents decrying the choices of Village Council. While the subject often changes – streets, police, finances – one theme that remains constant is that council should be voted out and replaced. However, in the recent election, four of the six council seats were on the ballot and those urging ouster were conspicuously absent from the candidate list. Why did I not get the option to vote for you? Where was my alternative?

To be fair, not everyone is amenable to an elected position and may rather assume watchdog functions working from outside government. But not everyone with a few facts and an opinion makes a good watchdog and, in fact, can be detrimental to informing the public.

While attempting to inform the public, if a watchdog provides imperfect information or provides the information without the proper context the misinformed public may actually act against its best interests. Unfortunately, this problem exists at all levels of government and the only real solution is for each person to educate himself or herself about the issues and then make an informed decision and not accept a watchdog’s opinion as absolute truth.

I do not agree with every decision of council or Village administration. I know I am not alone and like many others I choose to work to improve our Village without publicly degrading it.

Back to my original questions – those constantly complaining citizens present problems, but where are your solutions? You suggest replacing Council, but where are your candidates for change?

Bradley S. Nicodemus

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