2013-11-16 / Editorials & Letters

Chorpenning targeted


The Bowling Green Township election has concluded with an overwhelming show of support for the incumbents, Ben Hupp and Dan VanBuren. We are now hopeful that the rhetoric from the township’s detractors will subside.

A lot of people believe change is needed and most of the voters and elected officials agree. And, the vast majority of these good people can agree on what change is needed. It was not to change the two individuals who were recently re-elected - that was made clear with their resounding re-election victory. The change most folks are wanting will happen in two years. This is when the third incumbent, Jeff Chorpenning, runs for re-election.

There is an overwhelming desire to put good people in office who can not only handle the administration of township business, but work together as a single Board. With Chorpenning in office, this will never happen. He openly admits that he refuses to take any calls from the other trustees and refuses to return their calls when they try to speak with him. Then he complains he’s being kept out of the loop. Chorpenning says the only way for the other two trustees to discuss township business with him is during the monthly township meetings. Sadly, Chorpenning missed two of the last three meetings so he has effectively removed himself from inclusion of the business of running our township.

This will not stand with the citizens of Bowling Green Township. This township and the citizens deserve better. The change will occur in two years when the only trustee who refuses to take part in the administration of our township runs for re-election.

Mike Vermillion
Bowling Green Township

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