2013-11-09 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Oct. 9: Police were called about a 16-year-old female that was allowing a boy to jump on the hood of her car while traveling down the road. The driver and her father were advised. The driver was warned she’d be cited if any other incidents were reported.

• Oct. 10: W. 1st Street woman said she was having an issue with her grandson. The grandson was advised.

• Oct. 10: Police arrested a driver on a felony warrant. There were two passengers in the vehicle, one of whom also had a felony warrant for his arrest. Officers discovered marijuana, pills, and a variety of drag paraphernalia in the vehicle. The driver and both passengers were transported to jail.

• Oct. 10: A Hebron Road woman said her car was vandalized.

• Oct. 12: Police said a woman who owns a Kentucky bus company said one of her drivers pumped regular gas into a diesel bus because the pumps at the Duke service station were not correctly marked. The woman said police refused to help the driver. Duke station personnel tried to remedy the situation and the driver said the incident was her own fault and there was no problem with the Duke station’s fuel pumps. The officer said the owner of the bus company was rude and unprofessional.

• Oct. 12: A driver was cited for traveling 47 in a 35 miles per hour zone.

• Oct. 12: Police checked out a report of loud music and determined it was coming from the Fairfield County side of the lake. Fairfield County dispatch was advised.

• Oct. 12: Several drivers were each cited for traveling 48 in a 35 miles per hour zone.

• Oct. 13: A driver was cited for traveling 48 in a 35 miles per hour zone.

• Oct. 13: A W. 1st Street man said he hadn’t heard from his grandfather in a while. The grandfather was contacted and advised to call his grandson.

• Oct. 15: Police responded to a report of a person yelling and screaming near W. 1st Street. A man was found sitting on the back of his car, crying. His hand was bleeding and his head was injured. The man said the injuries were self-administered. He was intoxicated and said he wanted to kill himself. He was transported to Licking Memorial Hospital.

• Oct. 16: Police responded to a report of a woman with a head injury lying in the road at the Leisure Village trailer park entrance. According to the report, the woman was intoxicated, bleeding, and extremely uncooperative. She was transported to Licking Memorial Hospital for treatment. Her son was advised of the incident.

• Oct. 16: A W. 1st Street woman told police her granddaughter was not listening to her and misbehaving. Officer advised the granddaughter to be good.

• Oct. 16: A Rosebraugh Circle man said someone poured antifreeze outside his door. He believed whoever did so wanted to poison his dog.

• Oct. 20: A Walnut Road woman said she believed her son or ex-boyfriend stole several items from her shed.

• Oct. 20: A Cranberry Lane man said someone broke into his shed and stole several power tools.

• Oct. 20: A driver was cited for traveling 47 in a 35 miles per hour zone.

• Oct. 20: A driver was cited for traveling 51 in a 35 miles per hour zone.

• Oct. 19: A fight was reported in the Scooter’s Bar parking lot. Several people were injured but all declined medical attention or to make written statements. The bar owner said a female patron bit him and a bartender. They both wanted to file a complaint against her.

• Oct. 20: Police checked out a loud music complaint on Everett Avenue. Musicians agreed to stop playing instruments outside.

• Oct. 20: An officer agreed to a request to walk through the residence of person just released from jail.

• Oct. 20: A Myers Avenue resident, who the officer believed was intoxicated, reported a prowler.

• Oct. 21: A Walnut Road resident reported a person with a knife, but didn’t want to file a formal complaint.

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