2013-11-09 / Editorials & Letters

Hupp, VanBuren congratulated


The voters of Bowling Green Township have spoken with the re-election of Ben Hupp and Dan VanBuren to the position of township trustee for another four years. The positive campaign from these men and their supporters was refreshing.

The election shows the residents do realize what is happening in their township even though a lot of negative rumors are spread. They also realize who does the hands-on labor in the township. They do not go to every state and county meeting just so they can appear important but do actual physical labor.

While our township is small, it is a great community in which to live. This past election makes me even more grateful to be part of a wonderful community that supports men who are honest, hardworking and respectful.

Congratulations Ben Hupp and Dan- VanBuren.

Patty Volland
Bowling Green Township

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