2013-11-02 / News

Heath to offer water to some Licking Township residents

By Charles Prince

JACKSONTOWN – The City of Heath is considering supplying water to customers outside its corporate limits.

Heath Mayor Mark Johns and Utilities Director John Geller asked Licking Township Trustees Oct. 21 for permission to survey some township residents on their interest in purchasing water from Heath.

Geller told trustees that Heath’s water treatment plant can produce 4.2 million gallons per day, but averages just 1.2 million gallons per day. He said the city’s water comes from aquifers 150 to 200 feet below the ground surface. The aquifer is protected by a thick layer of clay that covers it.

Both Heath officials assured trustees that the survey is part of an annexation effort. “We are in no way, shape or form seeking to annex these areas into the City of Heath,” Johns emphasized.

Geller echoed Johns, “It has nothing to do with annexation.” He added, “This is very preliminary. There is no engineering. We want to see if there is interest.”

Township customers would have to pay a $2,500 tap fee as City of Heath customers pay. That fee could be paid over time as part of the monthly water bill. New customers would also have to pay the cost to extend the water line into their home from the city-provided valve box in their front yard. Township customers would pay twice the in-city rate. The minimum monthly bill for up to 750 gallons of water is $12.84.

“I personally think our residents deserve the opportunity to complete your survey,” Trustee President Joe Hart said. He did ask for a little stronger statement in Heath’s cover letter for the survey, stating that Heath’s intention is not to annex the area.

“The numbers don’t make sense,” Johns assured Hart. Heath losses money on residential annexations, he explained.

Residents on the following streets or subdivisions will soon be receiving a survey:

• Vicky Lane;

• Hazel Drive;

• Terry Linn;

• Rosemary Lane;

• Over Drive;

• Linnville Road;

• Blue Bonnet;

• Buckhorn;

• Roberts Drive;

• Stevens Lane;

• Misty Meadows;

• Evan Court;

• Dorsey Mill;

• Marklan Road

• Crestline Drive;

• Roberts Drive;

• Jeffrey Lane;

• Dell Mar Stroll;

• Rodney Lane; and

• Lee Mar Heights.

Johns promised to share the survey results with trustees.

In other business, fiscal officer Andrea Lynch said no bids were received for the township’s 1994 Chevy Dump Truck 3500. It was subject to a minimum bid of $3,500. Trustees will discuss their next step at a future meeting.

Fire Chief Mike Wilson said the fire company made 93 runs in September – 80 EMS and 13 fire.

Trustees unanimously appointed Corey Enders as an alternate member of the township zoning commission.

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