2013-11-02 / News

12 Days of Christmas drawing set

BALTIMORE – The Rotary Club of Baltimore Ohio is conducting a 12 Days of Christmas drawing this holiday season so it can increase its scholarships and community donations.

The new holiday drawings begin Dec. 10 and will continue daily for 12 days. Each ticket has 32 chances to win up to a total of $4,000 in cash and other prizes.

A maximum of 4,000 tickets will be sold such that the odds of any one ticket winning prize money is 1 in 132! Tickets are $5 each, with cash prizes starting at multiple $25 awards and increasing over the next 12 days to a top prize of $500.

It is the Rotary Club’s intention to increase the size and number of its college scholarship awards. Depending on how well 12 Days of Christmas does this year and in coming years, Rotary club members want to be able to support scholarship winners who maintain excellent grades the following year. Members also want to increase their support to the Baltimore- Thurston Food Pantry and the Community Chest to demonstrate their continued commitment to Baltimore area worthy causes.

The new drawing has been widely supported by area organizations and businesses with contributions of cash and other prizes. Tickets are available at many local businesses and from Rotary members. Tickets will be available through Dec. 6. Visit www.rotaryclubofbaltimoreohio.org for more information.

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