2013-10-26 / Editorials & Letters

Watch your pets in Fairfield Beach


I live on Bateson Drive in Fairfield Beach and feel compelled to write this letter as a “heads up” to my neighbors. I have lost two 18-month-old cats in the past two weeks, a small orange and white male about 2 weeks ago, and a small black and white female two days ago. My neighbor across the street has also lost a young cat late in the summer.

There are rumors in the neighborhood that cats are being “trapped” by someone living here. I don’t pay much heed to rumors, but am concerned about these incidents. There is no evidence that the cats have been hit by cars or done in by other animals, as there would certainly be some visual proof of that.

My cats were rescue cats that my 9 year old grandson and I adopted a year ago. Both were spayed and neutered. Both had their shots. Both were friendly and loved to romp in the garden and chase bugs and butterflies. Most of the neighbors know the cats as they have seen them in the sun on the front lawn or on the driveway. Needless to say, I am broken hearted. My grandson does not even know about our little female yet, and I dread telling him. I just want those living in the area to know that they have to be sure to keep an eye on their pets, especially if they try to scoot out the door at night, as mine did. There is a sure threat to them out there in the dark.

Mary K. Stucko
Fairfield Beach

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