2013-10-26 / Editorials & Letters

Reject Bowling Green incumbents


Say NO November 5th to Bowling Green Twp. GOB’s.

• Single bid exclusive trash hauler contract accepted with no public hearing. Now we have BGT Trustees V. CMI Waste Removal Services reference case #13CV1011.

• Hupp collected paycheck funded by tax dollars while he sat convicted behind bars sentenced to 180 days only serving 15.

• Public dollars spent to reinstall playground equipment clearly not meeting federal safety guidelines. Insurance rates are not lowered. Kids are not safer.

• Failure to control profanity filled public meetings. A complete lack of decorum and absolutely no rules of order.

• Refusal to accept resolutions for grant funded projects. Ignored Trustee Jeff Chorpenning’s work toward guaranteed funds to upgrade road signage to reflective grade. Road signage is no safer.

• Failure to hold required yearly records and retention meeting as per ORC.

• Confiscated Park Committee memorial brick project relegating all volunteer park committee good deeds.

• Road improvements not adhering to the ORC on Lawyers and Honda Hills Rd.

• Pick and choose junk car hearings targeting specific residents. Rogue zoning inspector not providing public records and charging 30 minutes for every 5 minute phone message.

• Tried to file false charges against another elected official for “disturbing a public meeting.”

• Held payments of an official’s paycheck. Delayed payment of vendor who provided grant funded equipment.

• Purchased truck putting township back in substantial debt.

• Failed to perform required annual township inventories.

• Hiring workers outside of public meetings.

250 word limit is only a start.

Vote out the thug and rubber stamp on November 5th.

Geary Stepp
Bowling Green Township

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