2013-10-26 / Editorials & Letters

Make Horn ‘One Term Terry’


I strongly urge the voters of Walnut Township to do their homework on the upcoming election. We are electing two seats this time around.

Four years ago, I thought Terry Horn would make a good trustee. I put signs in my yard and encouraged my neighbors to vote for him. However after his first term, I must admit we made a mistake. He tried to make an end run to demand we all use a township-wide trash collector. Once we all showed up at the public meeting, he backpedaled. I found out he was the trustee out soliciting bids and pushing this. Thankfully, the public meeting of discontent put out the fire.

I have also been very disappointed in his demeanor to fellow trustees and residents. His public disrespect should not be tolerated. It is embarrassing and the last straw.

Therefore, I will not be supporting or voting for Mr. Horn this time around. We can do much better. Please do your research on the other more qualified candidates and let’s make it “One Term Terry!” Thank You.

Dean Miller

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