2013-10-26 / Editorials & Letters

Little confidence in some candidates


I attended the Meet the Candidates’ Night last week at the Buckeye Lake Fire Department. Some of the answers from the candidates amazed me.

All but one candidate has been on council for years but most of them didn’t even know all of the village’s funding sources. This really shows how seriously they take their responsibilities. They need to know where the money comes from that they so freely spend.

Informational sheets were available on each candidate. Jeryne Peterson and Michelle McCormick basically provided employment resumes. This told me nothing about what they have accomplished on council. It’s scary that one wants to be mayor of this village and the other wants to be re-elected to council.

Clay Carroll’s sheet did include a listing of his involvement in the village, but I have to question his commitment. He was very proud of being on the Tree and Landscape Commission. At least we do have some flowers down by the truck stop.

What really concerns me is that Mr. Carroll, who is also the Safety Committee chair, only started taking an interest in the fire department after the articles in the Beacon came out. Where had he been for the first three years of his term?

I’m supporting Brenda Hileman for mayor and Peggy Well for council. Both have a proven track record.

I also urge residents to vote NO on the Fire levy.

Theresa Faryman
Buckeye Lake

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