2013-10-26 / Editorials & Letters

Lines seeking school board seat


I am running for the Walnut Township Board of Education. The most critical concern is the current operating budget deficit and how it will impact our school and community. We must find alternative ways to increase revenue such as increasing student enrollment. As an elected board member, I will “voice” your concerns:

Our responsibility to our ‘kids’ is to provide them with the skills and knowledge to succeed in a global economy. Providing opportunities for each child to succeed and master all areas of learning i.e., reading, writing, and mathematics plus the ability to excel in computers, foreign language and sports.

If elected, I will be a strong voice for the community. As parents, teachers and staff we have a responsibility to continue to strive for greater success.

My experience in local government and community involvement includes serving on council, making decisions that affect our community, designing police flyer and door to door advocating support for safety, Twig advocacy to help raise money for FMC, and serving as BOPA Clerk and Utility billing.

Striving to make a better tomorrow for our students and community.

Thank you for your support.

Sandy Lines
Walnut Township

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