2013-10-26 / Editorials & Letters

Hupp, Vanburen supported for reelection


I hope Bowling Green Township residents realize they have two men, Ben Hupp and Dan VanBuren, who work for the township 24/7. They leave their own families to clear roads when a storm hits. They cut trees off the roads and keep the township running.

Hupp and VanBuren are hands-on trustees who attend meetings unlike Chorpenning who has not attended the last two trustee meetings but still expects a paycheck from taxpayers.

If there is a problem, Hupp and Van Buren will return phone calls or stop at your house to see how they can help. They care about the residents and the township. They want Bowling Green Township to keep its rural charm and not become a Columbus suburb.

Its time to vote for the two men, Hupp and Van Buren, who have a proven record of working for the township, saving taxpayers money and having job experience. The other candidates have not attended any trustee meetings in the past and now want elected so they can be paid to attend.

Let us keep proven leadership in Bowling Green Township and re-elect Hupp and Van Buren.

Sam Gorman
Bowling Green Township

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