2013-10-26 / Editorials & Letters

Caudill supported for BG trustee


I would like to ask the voters of Bowling Green Twp. to please cast one of your votes for Mark Caudill.

I have known Mark for many years, and here are just a few of his many assets.

Mark is easy to get along with.

If he says he will do something, he does it. He keeps his word.

He is fair. He will listen to all sides and make an honest decision.

He is hard working. He ran his own trucking business for 40 years and made an honest living. That alone says volumes as to his character, responsibility, how he treats people and his work ethic. This also makes him an excellent choice for trustee since he has a CDL and driving experience.

He is a member of the Masonic Lodge and has been since joining DeMolay at age 13.

He has worked hard in this organization to help men become better men.

He is a caring family man, loves his wife of 20 years and is faithful to them.

He cares deeply for his friends and wants the best for them.

He is patriotic, serving in the Navy and believes in the Constitution and all it stands for.

I am sure Mark will strive for fairness and balance if you will give him the chance to work for you.

One of Mark’s favorite sayings has been: Together we can make a difference.

Please cast one of your votes for Mark Caudill, I know I will.

Heather Frazier
Bowling Green Township

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