2013-10-26 / Editorials & Letters

Carroll supported for mayor


My husband Clay Carroll is running for mayor of Buckeye Lake. He is a person that is dedicated to any job that he gets involved with. He has the experience of managing several people at a time on jobs and has supervised several construction jobs up to $3,000,000.

He has been very involved with the lake area for several years, and has been on council the last four years. He volunteers his electrical services to the village.

He is also Master of the Masonic Lodge until December. He will help people out as much as he can and will give them the shirt off his back.

I’m not saying he hasn’t made mistakes or has any regrets in his life, but who hasn’t. Clay would make a great mayor. He has been working with the fire department to fix things – some have been done and some still need to be done. Yes, he does have a full time job but will make time to meet with all the employees of the village and any of the residents.

We have raised our children here and I work for Lakewood schools as a bus driver. I would appreciate your vote for Clay as mayor Of Buckeye Lake. Thank you!

Kim Carroll
Buckeye Lake

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