2013-10-19 / Editorials & Letters

Voting place changes are disturbing


The recent change of polling locations for Buckeye Lake is surprising, if not disturbing. It does not seem reasonable that the board of elections would make such a change without communicating with local officials let alone not take a survey of the voting public. I care not that I could vote at the church nearby, but it certainly puts a damper on the majority of the village to have to go north of Hebron to vote. They might have made it just as simple, to have us all go to the Licking County Courthouse, or while we’re changing, go to the state capitol. Absentee balIots or not, it is not in the public’s interest to switch locations the way it was handled.

Ms. Penick’s response left much to be desired from a “public official”. We all deserve better!

Howard Everitt
Buckeye Lake

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