2013-10-19 / Editorials & Letters

Buckeye Lake EMS thanked


This letter is long overdue and I apologize for my negligence. However, with the looming Fire DepartmentlLevy, I feel compelled to share this information with our community.

My mother came to stay at my home in June to recover from knee replacement surgery. On June 22, I awoke to find my mother unresponsive. I immediately called 911. Before I was off the phone, our siren was calling for EMT response. To my relief, I had EMTs rushing in my front door in under five minutes with a team of people whom I would never have considered turning away...my mother was dying.

My mother had a heart attack and was in renal failure. The EMTs responded quickly and had revived my mother prior to getting to the emergency room. I am forever grateful to the care that my mother received with these wonderful people. My mother has had an extensive medical recovery, but I am confident in stating that she is alive due to the quick response and medical care she received from our Village EMT’s.

In closing, I extend a heartfelt “thank you” to our EMT’s! I am pleading with people in our community to vote for the Fire Department Levy and keep these services within our Village. I am also asking that when choosing our next mayor, you vote for Clay Carroll. He has spent countless hours supporting our fire department personnel and working on improvements of those services for our community.

Kellie Green
Buckeye Lake Village

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