2013-10-12 / Editorials & Letters

Writer wants thug-free leadership


There’s no shortage of Trustee Benjamin Hupp’s hyjinks fuming up the Bowling Green Township hall. Why do we have trustees blocking public access, violating the Ohio Sunshine laws and ignoring the Open Meeting Act? Folks, we all need to look close and be alert!

Good ole boys and friends are constantly deflecting the wrongdoings with more irrelevant chaos. We must ask what is it these folks don’t want us to see?

It is very disturbing that the personal issues and conviction of Trustee Hupp is kept out of the public eye. An elected official behind bars collecting tax money is outrageous! I don’t want a hothead that carries a gun to an arranged rendezvous to beat up his wife’s supposed ‘male friend’ in charge of my community.

I have seen firsthand how President Hupp theatre goes down during the monthly trustee meetings. Longtime incumbent Trustee Vice President Daniel Vanburen is there to giggle, laugh, be dumb or play dump for President Hupp. We can’t blame Vanburen for he truly plays his role of having no comprehension well. I’m not holding my breath after more of a decade of waiting to see Vanburen demonstrate what he touts as ‘common sense.’

We deserve responsible leadership! I thank the residents answering my call to ‘Stepp up’ as candidates striving to make Bowling Green Township a community of thug-free leadership.

Geary Stepp
Bowling Green Township

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