2013-10-12 / Editorials & Letters

Parade endangered children, walkers


Last Saturday was my first Fire Prevention Parade in Buckeye Lake. I was astounded at the danger to the children who ran after the candy, to the spectators and parade walkers. There were no police or barricades to stop traffic on Walnut Road from plowing into the parade. Some of Brenda Hileman’s supporters did try to block traffic.

Isn’t the Safety Committee supposed to arrange traffic control during a parade? One of the candidates for mayor is currently the safety committee chair. If the parade is an example of his leadership, we should take that in consideration when we vote for mayor.

I’m endorsing Brenda Hileman for Mayor. She has the experience of two terms on Village Council, is fair and impartial and she will be a full-time mayor available to all Buckeye Lake residents. She believes we should all have a voice in village affairs and will have an open door.

Charles Allen
Buckeye Lake

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