2013-10-12 / Editorials & Letters

More support for Horn’s reelection


Four years ago we endorsed Terry Horn for Walnut Township Trustee. Our endorsement was based not only on Terry’s engineering experience and common sense but more importantly because we knew him to be a man of great integrity. Terry has proven to be an excellent choice for the people of Walnut Township.

When Terry first took office, the Millersport Fire Department was on the brink of breaking up. Terry helped to lead the fight in forming a new four-year contract for the MFD instead of the oneyear contracts they had received in prior years. Since then he’s worked diligently and has been successful in developing better relationships between the MFD, the Thurston Walnut Fire Department, and the township.

Terry also initiated the EMS transport fee. This has generated revenues of approximately $200,000 annually for the two Fire Departments. Have you checked out the Township website recently? Terry worked with a consultant to update the website and he performs routine updates at an annual savings of $1,700 a year.

Above are a couple examples of the many areas where Terry has saved or increased dollars for the township while improving the safety and security of our residents (see his website for additional accomplishments; terryhorn.com).

Terry is a true professional and researches the law. He is proactive and has a vision of what needs to be done for the people of Walnut Township. Terry has done a superb job and definitely deserves to be reelected.

Bob & Jenny Tanton

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