2013-10-12 / Editorials & Letters

More concerns about parade


My name is Brenda Eddy and I live in Etna. My sister-in-law, Brenda Hileman, asked me to be a walker in the Fire Prevention Parade last Saturday. Brenda is running for mayor.

The parade started with a police cruiser leading the parade followed by the fire trucks. Once the fire trucks got on Ohio 79 it became obvious that there was no traffic control for the parade. One of the walkers had to stop traffic so other units could join the parade.

Then as we were walking to the fire station we had to dodge traffic coming the other way to give out candy to the children. Some children were running out into this traffic to get candy.

Walkers for other candidates were also surprised about the lack of traffic control for the parade. I understand Clay Carroll is the chair of the Safety Committee. Why didn’t he make sure that children and parade walkers were protected from traffic during the parade by having three police officers present – one to lead and two to stop traffic.

He wants to be mayor and run our village. How can he do that when he can’t even arrange to stop traffic for a parade.

Brenda Eddy

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