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Community Watch seeking donations


This past year, Millersport Police Chief Consolo organized a village Community Watch (CW) program. Local volunteers, after a training regimen, patrol the streets on an alternating schedule with the goal of contributing to the peace and security of our town. I have served in the Community Watch program since its inception, and the gratitude expressed by most residents has been encouraging.

I decided to get involved after my neighbor, last year, took it upon himself to chase down, on foot, a thief who had broken into his home. I spoke to my neighbor during the height of his bold pursuit. I applauded his effort but regretted that I couldn’t get involved. His persistence paid off, and the “bad guy” was captured, significantly reducing the number of breakins in the area. When the opportunity to become involved in CW became available I volunteered, along with up to 10 others, believing that this was something I could do to serve the village. Statistics have shown that the crime rate is reduced in cities where watch programs have been implemented.

Some local residents have expressed understandable concern with the perceived expenses of the program. The car was donated by a generous village resident, but some department funds were spent in the initial equipping of the car with a radio and a light bar for the roof. Uniform shirts were also purchased with police department funds. Items carried in the trunk (first aid supplies, traffic cones, hand held lights, etc.) came from existing stock maintained by the fire and police departments. Routine vehicle maintenance (oil change, light repair) is generously donated by a local resident, and Mike’s Auto Service in Buckeye Lake has offered to do any major repairs needed for the cost of parts. All village vehicles are washed for free by the Truck Wash at the TA Travel Center.

Doug Hallam, CW Commander, has received over $450 so far in donated funds which will be used for vehicle maintenance and for fuel costs. We hope the CW program becomes self-sustaining through donations by January, 2014.

Anyone who would like to donate to CW can do so by sending a check, made out to Village of Millersport, to PO Box 536, Millersport OH 43046. Designate “Community Watch” in the memo portion of the check. In addition, cash donation jars have been placed in several of the businesses in town. Finally, anyone interested in volunteering for CW can contact Chief Consolo at the village office. Thank you for supporting Millersport’s Community Watch program.

Mark Thogmartin
Millersport CW Captain

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