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Writer hopes Snedden runs again


As I said in a previous letter, Licking County Commissioners Doug Smith and Tim Bubb, and Prosecutor Ken Oswalt seemed to condone the bad decisions/actions of former Kirkersville GOB Bennie (Jim) Evans in his position as Licking County Planning Rehab Housing Inspector. (Evans is running for Council in Kirkersville this November.)

But, last month, Oswalt was the subject of a complaint filed with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission issued by a former employee. The allegations claim that Oswalt and an assistant prosecutor sexually harassed and retaliated against an office employee.

When a former Licking County Commissioner candidate (James Snedden) posted blogs criticizing Oswalt’s relationship with a former employee and the pending Equal Opportunity Employment Commission complaint, an attorney in Oswalt’s office notified Judge Hoover claiming Snedden appeared to be performing marriages without a license. One local newspaper says, “Although a simple check of state records would show Snedden did have a minister’s license, both the judge and prosecutor’s office jumped to conclusions. Snedden claims the move was political retaliation, which certainly appears to be the case.”

Obviously, some public officials are reading Snedden’s blogs so I encourage EVERYONE to read them. You can view them at http://myviewfromthepuritymall.blogspot.com.

Hopefully James Snedden, Jr. runs for commissioner again. Currently, the Licking County Commissioners have a GOB majority (Tim Bubb and Doug Smith) in our county. I believe Snedden would bring honesty, sincerity, compassion and a little humor to the commissioners’office!

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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