2013-09-28 / Editorials & Letters

Writer wants to clean up junk


Ms. McNab AKA Patty Volland’s ‘room renter’ has a lot to say about ‘junk cluttering my front yard.’ Was Volland’s property zoned multi-family?

It is actually convicted Trustee Ben Hupp, Fiscal Officer Duval and the zoning inspector who yell at township meetings. McNab wants to spend more taxes to send Inspector Selegue after me AGAIN because she doesn’t like my yard décor. Let’s look at who has a real ‘junk front yard’ - wanna be reelected Trustee Vanburen’s property on Cherry Hill Road looks like Sanford and Son’s on TV.

Why did Hupp and Vanburen spend our money without a vote for a plane so Selegue could choose yards to photograph to target for junk? Ms. Volland’s specialty is setting neighbor against neighbor. Hupp and Vanburn voted and had a hearing in an effort to remove a member of Patty’s Zoning Appeals Board. She didn’t like it after she recused herself and her board didn’t go after another supposed ‘junk yard’ neighbor of McNab and Volland.

Help me clean up junk on Nov. 5th and vote out the junk incumbents. Did I mention that Ms. Volland became chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals in a questionable executive session? Who’s the next target?

Geary Stepp
Bowling Green Township

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