2013-09-28 / Editorials & Letters

Hileman sets her goals


I want Buckeye Lake Village voters to know my goals if they elect me their mayor. I will be a full-time mayor and available at the village hall. I will listen to your concerns.

We need to:

1. Protect your health and safety with well-trained EMT’s and paramedics;

2. Spend your tax dollars wisely;

3. Promote safe housing;

4. Provide more activities for children;

5. Improve the police department with additional training and equipment; and

6. Have a mayor that has a good relationship with council members, village workers and residents.

I want to help our village prosper and grow. Let’s make Buckeye Lake Village a great place to live and raise our children.

I need your support on Nov. 5.

Thank you!

Brenda Hileman
Buckeye Lake

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