2013-09-21 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Aug. 13: A man told police a Leroy Street man wouldn’t return his tools. The Leroy Street man said some of the tools had been stolen from him, although some of the items were recovered.

• Aug. 13: Police were told that a Buckeye Lake resident planned to go to a Park Street residence and “cause problems,” according to the report. The man said the claim was false and he had no plans to do so.

• Aug. 14: Police responded to an alarm drop at a Union Avenue residence. The homeowner said it was a brand new alarm system and he wasn’t sure how to operate it yet.

• Aug. 14: Police checked out a complaint of a group of men causing a disturbance at the KOA campground. It was a bachelor party that the officer didn’t consider to be unreasonably loud. But, the men were advised to keep it quieter.

• Aug. 15: A Walnut Road woman said her neighbor was mistreating his dogs. The neighbor was advised.

• Aug. 15: A W. 5th Street man said a former roommate stole $2,000 or more of his rare coins.

• Aug. 16: A Worth Drive man said cigarettes and medication were stolen from his vehicle.

• Aug. 16: A Walnut Road woman said someone stole her patio furniture. The furniture was recovered and the woman didn’t want a report.

• Aug. 17: Police responded to a report of an active domestic dispute incident at a Walnut Road residence. A man there was rude and uncooperative, but told the officer that a woman involved in the incident had already left.

• Aug. 17: A driver turning right onto Union Street lost control, hitting a fire hydrant and a house.

• Aug. 17: Police checked out a report of a person on drugs threatening suicide. The person was not abusing drugs and voluntarily went to the hospital for evaluation.

• Aug. 18: Police received a report of a vehicle that hit a tree and fled the scene. The vehicle was located. The driver was intoxicated and a female passenger was bleeding. The officer found that the driver punched the passenger in the face prior to hitting the tree. The driver resisted arrest and was charged with OVI, hit and skip, driving under OVI suspension, domestic violence, obstruction, failure to control, seat belt, and littering.

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