2013-09-21 / News

Perry County will vote Nov. 5

By Scott Rawdon

NEW LEXINGTON – Rumors that Perry County won’t be able to hold the Nov. 5 election are false.

“We will have an election. The state has sent some people to help,” Perry County Board of Elections member Frank Correll told The Beacon. The rumor started after clerk Bev Henery’s retired and former director Chris Russell’s resigned roughly two months before the November elections.

Correll said the state requires a board of elections to have a director for an election to take place, and Perry County found that person in Jamie Snider, the new director. He said events leading up to the changes began with former deputy director Janie DePinto’s retirement June 30. Correll said the position was advertised and Snider was selected to replace DePinto.

Correll said Henery, who also sought the position, announced her retirement effective Sept. 18, believing the board’s hiring practices were “unfair,” according to her retirement letter, and Russell’s resignation was dated Sept. 9. “Bev felt she should have the job and Chris decided he didn’t want to stay,” said Correll.

Neither Henery nor Russell could be reached for comment.

Correll said the board unanimously approved Snider as the new director and the county is advertising for a new deputy director.

“It was just an unfortunate situation,” said board member Steven Baker. “I didn’t want to see anybody quit.”

Snider said her office has plenty of help to prepare for the November election. She said De- Pinto agreed to return part-time for a while to help coordinate and people from the Athens County Board of Elections are helping as well. “Everything seems to be coming together,” said Snider. “We’ll make it through it.”

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