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School lunches

School lunch menus for the week of Sepember16.

Glenford/Somerset/ Thornville Elementary

Monday: Chicken sandwich/ WG bun, crispy fries, and choice of fruit.

Tuesday: Toasted cheese sandwich, chili or tomato soup, and fruit/vegetable bar.

Wednesday: Chicken & noodles, whipped potatoes, roll/ butter, and choice of fruit.

Thursday: Macaroni &cheese, fish treasures, peas/ carrots, and choice of fruit.

Friday: Specialty pizza, romaine blend salad w/ranch or Italian dressing, and fruit.

Hebron Elementary/ Jackson Intermediate

Monday: Baked chicken fryz, California vegetable medley, fruit, and Teddy Grahams.

Tuesday: Cheesy bread sticks w/pizza dip, herbed pasta, Italian blend vegetables, and fruit juice bar.

Wednesday: Multi cheese pizza, garden salad, mixed fruit cup, and Fig Newton.

Thursday: Mini deli sandwich, homemade vegetable soup, and fresh banana.

Friday: Baja fish shapes or PB&J pocket, veggie boat/dip, and cutie fruit,

Lakewood Middle/High School

Monday: Tangerine chicken bowl, asian slaw, mandarin oranges, veggie egg roll & sweet sauce, and fortune cookie.

Tuesday: Bacon cheeseburger, steamed broccoli, and fresh fruit salad.

Wednesday: Pepperoni pizza, veggie boat w/dip, choice of fruit, and Fig Newton.

Thursday: Breakfast for Lunch: Eggs, ham & cheese or English muffin, hash brown pattie, tomato or orange juice, and yogurt parfait.

Friday: Deli sub sandwich, homemade vegetable soup, choice of fruit, and Cheeze-Its.

Liberty Union Elementary/ Middle School

Monday: Chicken patty/ WG bun or PBJ, buttered carrots, celery sticks/dip, and fruit delight.

Tuesday: Mini pancakes, hash brown potatoes, baby carrots/dip, sausage links, and orange juice.

Wednesday: Cheese pizza or PBJ, tossed romaine salad, steamed peas, and fresh fruit.

Thursday: Crispy chicken rings/roll or PBJ, green beans, baby carrots/dip, and peaches.

Friday: Build your own taco: meat/tortilla/cheese or taco triangles or PBJ/string cheese, black beans/corn salsa, shredded lettuce, and fruit.

Liberty Union High

Monday: Chicken tenders or buffalo tenders, WG tortilla, cheese cup, veggie boat/lt. ranch, peas, shredded lettuce, and choice of fruit.

Tuesday: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes/gravy, veggie boat/lt. ranch, roll and peaches.

Wednesday: Pepperoni calzone w/marinara sauce or PBJ, steamed broccoli, veggie boat/ lt. ranch, and fruit delight.

Thursday: Mini corn dogs or PBJ, baked beans, veggie boat/ lt. ranch, and fresh fruit.

Friday: Bosco sticks/sauce or PBJ, green beans, veggie boat/lt. ranch, and fruit.

Millersport Elementary

Monday: Cheeseburger/WG bun, crispy French fries, pickle slices, and fruit choice.

Tuesday: Soft beef taco, lettuce/cheese, steamed corn, refried beans, and side kick.

Wednesday: Chicken nuggets, WG dinner roll, green beans, and fruit choice.

Thursday: Spaghetti w/meat sauce, mixed green salad, WG bread stick, and fruit choice.

Friday: Classic school pizza, vegetable medley, fruit choice, and graham snack.

Millersport High School

Monday: Mashed potato bowl: popcorn chicken/biscuit or buffalo tenders/biscuit, whipped potatoes/gravy, steamed corn, and fruit choice.

Tuesday: Nachos w/taco dip, lettuce & cheese or rib sandwich, refried beans, southwest soup, and fruit side kick.

Wednesday: Macaroni & cheese w/roll or spicy chicken sandwich, steamed carrots, grape tomatoes, and fruit.

Thursday: Spaghetti/meat balls w/bread stick or chicken quesadilla & salsa, mixed green salad, and fruit choice.

Friday: Big Daddy Pizza or turkey bacon sub, cucumbers w/ dip, fruit, and ice cream treat.

Sheridan Middle/High

Monday: Chicken/WG bun, fries, and fruit/vegetable bar.

Tuesday: Philly cheese steak sandwich, tator tots, and fruit/vegetable bar.

Wednesday: Chicken & noodles, whipped potatoes, roll/ butter, and fruit/vegetable bar.

Thursday: Macaroni & cheese, fish sandwich, peas/ carrots, and fruit/vegetable bar.

Friday: Specialty pizza, romaine blend salad w/ranch or Italian dressing, and fruit/ vegetable bar.

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