2013-09-14 / Editorials & Letters

Trustee puts township at risk


State of Ohio law says no unauthorized drivers or passengers may drive or ride in township vehicles. That did not stop Walnut Township Trustee Terry Horn from hauling an adult and a child in one of the township’s trucks in the Sweet Corn Festival parade.

These trucks only have two seats as the center seat is removed to install the controls for the snow plow, salt spreader etc. To make matters worse, only two seat belts can be used.

From a liability standpoint, the door is wide open. But Mr. Horn does not care. He makes up his own rules. We discussed the no hauling rule at the Aug. 20 trustees’ meeting, but Mr. Horn did not seem to remember.

People of Walnut Township, remember this election day. I have been a trustee almost 12 years and have never put the township in this kind of jeopardy.

Sonny Dupler, Walnut Township

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