2013-09-14 / Editorials & Letters

More thanks to Hoskinson, Schoedinger


The longer I live around the Buckeye Lake area, the more I am convinced this is the best-kept secret in Central Ohio. That became evident again over the last four months when Hoskinson-Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Services donated one of their buildings to the Millersport Covenant Church.

Our little nomadic congregation wandered around the area for 26 years. Unlike Moses (who wandered for 40 years), we were able to see our promised land at 11544 Summerland Beach Road. To thank Rick Hoskinson and Randy Schoedinger seems shallow compared to the gift they have bestowed upon us. Owning a building would never have happened without Rick, Randy and their family’s generosity.

The second part of this thank you goes to the many people that have made donations and given Pastor Steve Bush strong words of encouragement. The dynamics of the church have now changed and we have to step up to the responsibility of maintaining the building and providing opportunities for our community. I do believe we will rise to the occasion.

Finally, Debbi and I chose to move here permanently in 1989 and have never regretted our decision. This is just another reason why Walnut Township is a great place to live and raise children.

Debbi and Vince Popo
Lieb’s Island

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