2013-09-07 / Editorials & Letters

Trustee has made township a joke


As a resident of Bowling Green Township, I often read letters from Jeff Chopping (sic) and his alter ego, Geary Stepp, bashing our township and residents. In all the years I’ve liver here, I’ve seen the township residents work together for the good of the community.

In less than two years, this election official has divided this township, pitting neighbor against neighbor. “The work according to Chopping (sic)” is what is occurring in our township now. I believe it is his aim to destroy our township.

If he spent half his time working on our roads instead of pestering residents with his chit chat against Ben Hupp and Dan Vanburen, we’d have the best roads in the country.

I am hopeful the rumors are false and this man does not plan to run for county commissioners as he has made a joke of our township with his “first amendment” spiel.

It is sad that Mr. Stepp can’t see Chopping (sic) with both eyes as he’d really have an eye full, that is, if he could see past the junk cluttering his front yard. Why something has not been done about this “junk yard” is something I plan to discuss with the zoning inspector.

Stepp and few other residents will continue to be Chopping’s (sic) puppets and parrot what they are told. They do not even realize they are being manipulated to do the bidding of this pied piper.

Wake-up residents, this is your township. Chopping (sic) is making it the laughing stock of Licking County.

Shannon McNab
Bowling Green Township

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