2013-08-17 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• July 18: A female officer assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol by administering a urine test for a suspected female intoxicated driver.

• July 18: A Park Street man reported that two “aggressive looking” pit bulls were running at large in his yard. The owner of the dogs was found and advised that he would be cited if his dogs ran at large again.

• July 18: A Logan woman told police she’s staying at her

mother’s in Buckeye Lake after having domestic issues with her husband. She asked if police would watch for her husband, who may be pursuing her. • July 18: A Cliff Street man reported an altercation with his roommate.

• July 19: A Buckeye Lake man told police he wanted to press charges against a resident for menacing his juvenile daughter.

• July 19: First responder to report of an ill person. Stayed on scene until medic arrived.

• July 19: A Thornville man reported the theft of three heavy duty and expensive tarps stolen from his flatbed trailer.

• July 21: Police assisted Division of Watercraft officers by administrating a BAC test on a suspected. impaired boater.

• July 22: A Colorado man was found panhandling at the Duke service station. According to the report, the man was visibly extremely intoxicated and became verbally and physically combative with the officer, who discovered the man had a felony warrant for his arrest out of Minnesota. The man was placed under arrest and transported to jail. The man thrashed about in the cruiser on the way to the Licking County Justice Center. He was charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing official business.

• July 23: A Walnut Road woman reported several people were gathered at a place not open to the public. Police discovered they possessed marijuana and cited them for possession.

• July 23: A West 7th Street man said his mother-in-law was calling and harassing him. Police told her to stop.

• July 24: A West 1st Street man said his neighbor’s fiveyear old daughter damaged his welder, which was in the back of his work truck.

• July 24: An Elmore, Ohio, man said a striped awning was removed from the back of his truck.

• July 24: A Walnut Road man said he and his neighbor were drinking and a fight started. The man said his neighbor took some items from him and tampered with his bike. The neighbor told the officer that he would fix the bike and return the items he took. No charges were filed.

• July 26: Police assisted an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper with an impaired driver.

• July 26: Police received a report of an intoxicated person at a Walnut Road residence. The officer found the intoxicated person, who was injured. The person was transported to Licking Memorial Hospital.

• July 26: A Hebron woman said her ex-husband was sending threatening texts and phone calls.

• July 26: Police responded to a suicide threat. A man, who owned guns, said he didn’t want to live anymore. His guns were collected for safekeeping and he was transported to Licking Memorial Hospital for evaluation. The guns will be returned when the man is treated and cleared.

• July 26: A Neel Avenue man said someone damaged his garage door.

• July 26: A West 3rd street man said his three-year-old daughter was missing. She was found safe in her mother’s bed, sleeping under the covers.

• July 26: Two drivers each were cited for traveling 48 in a 35 miles per hour zone.

• July 26: Two men were cited for having open containers of beer at the Buckeye Lake State Park.

• July 26: Police received a call about juveniles attempting to break into cars. Three juveniles were located running through Buckeye Lake State Park and warned for violating the curfew. They were advised they would be charged if identified as the juveniles breaking into vehicles.

• July 26: A woman was arrested for domestic violence at a West 1st Street residence.

• July 26: A woman reported a homeless man on her property. She said he acts “suspicious” and requested him arrested if located.

• July 27: An East Street woman reported the theft of fuel from her boat.

• July 28: A Rosebraugh Circle woman said a neighbor’s lawn mower launched a piece of rock into her motorcycle, causing damage.

• July 28: Police stopped a vehicle for reckless operation. Its driver was highly intoxicated and charged with OVI.

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