2013-08-17 / Editorials & Letters

Popo thanks Dupler for his service


The purpose of this letter is five-fold. First, I am announcing my candidacy for the position of Walnut Township Trustee. The people of our township have outstanding candidates to choose from in November. Doug Leith, Jamie Barber, Wally Gabriel, Terry Horn and myself would all make good decisions for Walnut Township.

Second, in the campaign this fall I will not make a negative comment about any of the candidates or the daily operations of the township.

Third, I will not tear down or destroy another candidate’s sign. I know they will not destroy mine because I am not putting any signs up.

Fourth, Sonny Dupler needs to be congratulated for all his years of service. The position at times can be thankless and time consuming.

Finally, we can either look at all the positive things around us or the negative things. This is a great place to live and raise children if we allow it to be that positive place.

Vincent B. Popo
Walnut Township

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