2013-08-03 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• July 5: Police took a report on a vandalized vehicle owned by the Licking County Water and Wastewater.

• July 7: Police observed a uspicious person loitering around closed businesses. Person was found to have an active warrant for arrest out of Fairfield County. Person was arrested and released to the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office.

• July 8: A W. 2nd Street man reported someone removed a lawn mower from his garage and took a gift card and loose change from his vehicle.

• July 8: Police assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol with a rolling domestic violence incident on I-70. Circumstances showed that a female passenger attempted to jump from a vehicle while it was moving, she cut and scratched herself, and admitted to pulling out her own hair. She was transported to Licking Memorial Hospital for psychological evaluation.

• July 9: A Mount Vernon man visiting his mother in Buckeye Lake told police that her neighbor was intoxicated and became abusive toward he and his mother. Other residents in the area confirmed his complaint and the neighbor was cited for disorderly conduct.

• July 9: A Wood Street woman said her ex-boyfriend was threatening her. The ex-boyfriend was contacted and he claimed she was the one causing most of the problems. The woman was advised to seek a restraining order or “have both parties act like adults and come to an agreement,” according to the report.

• July 10: An officer located a vehicle whose owner was thought to have an active arrest warrant. The driver did not have an active warrant but was driving under several suspensions and was cited for DUS.

• July 11: Police received a report of an attempted suicide and overdose, but the person in ques- tion was not home as reported.

• July 11: A driver was cited for reckless tailgating.

• July 11: Walnut Road man said several items, including a hat were stolen from his home. He said he saw someone who was visiting his neighborhood wearing the hat.

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