2013-08-03 / News

Village looking for $550 to install donated lightbars

By Scott Rawdon

BUCKEYE LAKE- Mifflin Township, near Gahanna, has donated two light bars to the Buckeye Lake Police Department, but the department must wait to install them on cruisers until it can come up with $550 for installation.

“People don’t realize how little finances the department has, said Buckeye Lake Mayor Rick Baker.

According to a Mifflin Township press release, Mifflin Township Trustees agreed July 16 to donate two surplus Whelen Emergency Lightbars to the Buckeye Lake Police Department. Mifflin Township could have declared the used ones as surplus to auction them, but gifted them to the budget-strapped Buckeye Lake Police Department instead.

“During my nearly 20-year term as trustee, we always look for opportunities to donate to other police or fire departments,” said Trustee Richard Angelou. “We would rather donate our surplus than auction it because it would be a considerable savings to those, like us, in public safety.” New Whelen Emergency Lightbars cost $3,200 each. The value of the two used ones is $500 each.

“It is a privilege to give our surplus to a neighboring police department to enhance its officer safety,” said William Price, Mifflin Township acting police chief. “It is not uncommon for one police department to help another for the overall good and savings of the citizens they serve.”

Mifflin Township Public Information Officer Lynn Bruno said Buckeye Lake was chosen because Price’s first commission in law enforcement was with the Buckeye Lake Police Department in 1986. “He was aware of the need,” she said.

“They are running on a tighter budget than we are and are long overdue for these light bars,” Price said. “They are still using the old rotator lights which are hard to see.” Strobe light bars are much brighter and more noticeable than the outdated rotating lights. “These light bars are going to help us tremendously,” said Buckeye Lake Chief James Hanzey. “People pay more attention to the strobes than the rotators.”

He added that the department would accept donations for the installation.

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