2013-08-03 / Editorials & Letters

‘Tales get bigger and bigger’


Hack reporting by so called letter writer Patty Volland of Bowling Green Township has reached a new low. She attacks Trustee Jeff Chorpenning for a letter I wrote on how the township meetings are run like a ‘dictator’ by convicted Trustee President Ben Hupp. Volland responded by calling Chorpenning the ‘dictator.’

Chorpenning was actually kind to Volland in his response to here name calling rants. I do not have a reputation for the overrated concept of being ‘politically correct.’

Then Volland quotes Greg King about fighting with idiots as she argues with herself. She masquerades as a victim, calls an official an ‘idiot,’ and stomps away to ‘argue no more.’

She says she had to change her 30-year old phone number. I doubt anyone is interested in calling her about her Poly Patty politics. It is clear on the tapes of the township cluster farce in June that the deputy told the so-called ‘witnesses’ that proving their name and information was optional. They created public record with their own free will and Volland cries foul. With her fictional embellishments, she makes our township a laughing stock. Each time she runs for office her vote total gets smaller and smaller and her tales get bigger and bigger.

Geary Stepp
Bowling Green Township

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